Small sized pet drinking fountain with flower spout and internal battery compartment

Stoneware fountain. Indoor or outdoor (no frost).
Recirculating pump and multi filter system included and pre-assembled.
Measurements: bowl height=6"(15cm), maximum diameter=9.2"x8.2(23x21cm), height over all=11"(28cm)

This small cordless ceramic pet drinking fountain with a faucet spout and internal battery compartment, filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water.
A safe low voltage pump presses the water through a charcoal filter and back up, beginning the cycle anew. Kitty can drink out of the lid or lick the falling water. 
This fountain's lid is secured with stainless steal pins making it impossible for even an extremely large and rambunctious cat to dismantle the fountain.

The price of the fountain is reduced because the bowl developed a crack during the glaze fire. The crack is filled with drinking water safe epoxy putty (JB-weld WaterWeld, for permanent repairs in underwater applications).  The structure is now as stable as it should be and warrantable. It doesn’t affect functionality in any way.

Our fountains have three filters. The first filter is an easy to clean backflow opening with small holes to catch larger debris like hair and food. The second filter is an optional foam filter around the pump, keeping the pump cleaner longer. For the third filter, you have your choice of housing for the Drinkwell 360 filter and one cartridge, Ebi’s refillable Bio Filter with one filter media bag and charcoal fill or our new Glass-jar Filter. The Drinkwell is easier since you just pop one cartridge out and another in; the Bio and Glass-jar Filter are much more economical since you fill it with course grade aquarium charcoal pellets.

If you’d like a low voltage UV sanitizing lamp in addition, that's possible too.
The tubing we use to connect pump with filter and the filter with the spout is an antimicrobial beverage grade tubing.

The 2nd and 3rd filters are well hidden in the bowl, easy to reach for you but not your pet - and simple to change.
This fountain is equipped with a quiet, safe low-voltage pump, which can be powered either by battery or a wall power transformer.

Unlike plastic pet fountains that develop cracks, this handcrafted drinking fountain is made of durable, nonporous dinnerware-safe glazed stoneware. Clay and glazes are certified non-toxic and made in the USA. Ceramic resists bacteria, commonly found on porous plastic surfaces. The fountain has just 5 parts - bowl, lid, lid insert, filter and pump -, enabling simple, thorough cleaning.

The fountain has a battery compartment attached to the bowl. This compartment can be equipped with either a D-cell holder (holds 4 or 8 alkaline batteries or NiMH 10.000mAh rechargeable batteries) or one to three USB Li-Ion batteries. The pump runs continuously for up to two weeks with good alkaline D-cells, approx. 3 days with 4 rechargeable NiMH D-cells and up to 10 days depending on the type of USB Li-Ion battery used. The fountain comes with either a D-cell holder or an adapter for one USB battery (your choice.) As in all of our battery options, we do not supply the batteries but provide tips on which batteries will work. The batteries must be purchased separately from a reputable dealer. Amazon is a good choice because it’s fairly easy to exchange/return a battery that doesn’t work and since new choices are continually becoming available, we cannot test them all. You MUST (and this is important) be sure to keep the battery dry at all times by sealing it into a good quality Ziploc bag. Our fountains are designed to keep water away from the battery, but condensation etc. may occur, requiring a tight seal around the battery to ensure it remains dry.
This fountain can also be plugged in using a low voltage power transformer or a USB battery charger (not included); in this case, without the battery/battery compartment.

Batteries we have tested and fit into the battery compartment (5.5x6.5/7.5x2-DxLxW):
Anker Powercore 13000 13,000 mAh 3.5 days $29  Amazon 1 to 3
RavPower RP-PB19 16,750 mAh 3.7 days $32  Amazon 1 or 2
GJT  G-088 20,000 mAh 4 days $25  Amazon 1 or 2
Anker Astro E7 25,600 mAh 4.5 days $50  Amazon 1 or 2

Order ID: PF20014
$309.00  special $159.00

Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Small cat drinking fountain
Repaired crack
Repaired crack
Repaired crack
Repaired crack

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