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Some of the pet drinking fountains made in 2017:

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medium w/ large secured lid
 drink-h=6.5"(16cm), d=10"(25cm), h=11.5"(29cm)
small cordless w/ secured lid
 drink-h=6.2"(16cm), d=8/9.5"(20/24cm), h=9.7"(25cm)
Battery compartment:  2"x6.5(W)"x5.7(D)"(50x165x140mm)
large cordless w/ secured lid
 drink-h=7.2"(18cm), d=10/12.5"(25/31cm), h=11.4"(28cm)
Battery compartment:  2.2"x8(W)"x6.5(D)"(55x205x160mm)
medium w/secured lid
 drink-h=5.5"(14cm), d=9"(22cm), h=10"(24cm)
small w/secured lid
 drink-h=5.5"(14cm), d=8"(20cm), h=7.5"(19cm)
medium w/secured lid
 drink-h=6.2"(16cm), d=9.5"(24cm), h=10.5"(27cm)
small w/secured lid
 drink-h=5.5"(14cm), d=8"(21cm), h=9.5"(24cm)
XL w/secured coon lid
 drink-h=6.5"(17cm), d=11"(28cm), h=12"(30cm)
small w/secured lid
 drink-h=5.5"(14cm), d=8"(21cm), h=10"(25cm)
extra large w/ secured lid
 drink-h=6.5"(17cm), d=11.2"(28cm), h=10"(25cm)
medium w/large secured lid
 drink-h=6.2"(17cm), d=10"(25cm), h=7.5"(19cm)
large w/XL secured lid
 drink-h=6.5"(17cm), d=11"(28cm), h=8"(20cm)
small w/secured lid
 drink-h=6"(15cm), d=8.2"(21cm), h=10"(25cm)
price: $269.00
small w/internal battery & secured lid
 drink-h=6.5"(17cm), d=8.5/9.5"(22/24cm), h=9.5"(27cm)
Battery compartment:  2"x6.5(W)"x6(D)"(50x165x152mm)
price: $319.00
medium w/internal battery & secured lid
 drink-h=7"(18cm), d=9.2/11"(23/28cm), h=11"(28cm)
Battery compartment:  2.4"x7.2(W)"x6.2(D)"(61x183x157mm)
price: $339.00
 drink-h=5.7"(14cm), d=8"(20cm), h=8.2"(21cm)
price: $269.00
small w/secured lid
 drink-h=5.7"(14cm), d=8"(20cm), h=8"(20cm)
 drink-h=6"(15cm), d=9"(23cm), h=7"(18cm)


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