Ebi Ceramic Cat and Dog Drinking Fountains

Battery, Power-Cord or Gravity Operated, Safe, Quiet, Dismantle- & Scoop-Proof, Slow-Drinking. Handcrafted in the USA for The Quality & Aesthetics You Want, The Safety & Health-Promoting Features Your Pet Deserves

What sets EBI fountains apart from other pet water fountains?

Handcrafted Ceramic Cat Water Fountains

There are not many sources of ceramic cat water fountains made completely by hand worldwide, we are among the select few: Ebi fountains, located in Dawsonville, GA. “Completely handmade” means that each part of the fountain; the bowl, the lid, the spout and each decoration, is handcrafted of stoneware clay at the Ebi fountains studio. Then we bisque fire, trim, glaze and finally glaze fire each piece to 2,232°F. Each fountain is tested with your equipment (pump and filter system) before leaving the studio.
Not all ceramic pet fountains are created equal.

We offer dinnerware safe ceramic pet fountains that are handcrafted in the USA. Ebi, an award winning artist and the designer of the EBI fountain, worked as an electrical engineer in one of Germanys largest pharmaceutical and chemical companies for 25 years. His design is based on scientific and medically recognized principles and materials that support the health of your pet. Hundreds of experienced cat lovers have purchased an EBI fountain because the other brands just didn't make the grade.    

What makes EBI cat drinking fountains better?

1. Ceramic pet fountains that have holes for cords or tubes can leak after a few months. Dishwashers and cleaning methods can often cause the materials used to seal the hole, such as silicon or glues, to fail resulting in leaks. The bowls of ceramic EBI fountains do not have any holes and therefore cannot leak.

2. Pumps with grounded electrical cords (three prongs) plugged into an outlet with class A GFCIs (6mA) will only protect between line and ground but not between line and neutral. That's why your pet could still be harmed if he/she chews through such a cable. We use only safe low-voltage aquarium pumps. Since the low-voltage transformer plugs directly into your outlet, only about the power of 2 to 4 AA or D-cells is going along the power cord to your pump (so much too low of a voltage to hurt kitty even if he/she chews through the cord). And these pumps, unlike the "powerful pumps" competitors tout, will not heat up the water in your fountain.

3. The only effective charcoal filter is an inline filter. Charcoal filters that simply sit inside a water container are worthless and ineffective. We use inline charcoal filters with up to 10 times the amount of charcoal that competitor's filters contain. 

4. Copper pipes may leak copper into water. EPA regulates copper in drinking water to protect public health. Copper may cause health problems if present in public or private water supplies in amounts greater than the drinking water standard set by EPA. (See: US Environmental Protection Agency, Basic Information about Copper in Drinking Water.)
We use FDA compliant beverage grade tubing made in the USA. 

5. Studies have documented that cats will drink much more water when the water level is near the top of the container. Cats don't like to put their head into a container that reduces their peripheral vision, which is a valuable evolutionary adaptation to protect a cat from predators while the cat is drinking. The EBI fountain is the only pet fountain that has a lid from which the cat can drink at a constant easily accessable level and a large water reservoir underneath. You can even connect an Ebi fountain to your bottled water dispenser (e.g. Crock, Primo, New Wave, etc.) to provide up to 7 gallons of pure drinking water (2 gallon capacity water dispenser plus up to 5 gallon drinking water bottle).

6. Our fountains can be made "mischievous pet safe" like no other fountain can. See our "Coon" fountain as an example.   click for more info.

7. Any of our fountains can be battery operated using a battery that our pump plugs into.   click for more info.

8. We've been equipping all of our pet drinking fountains with tubing that, in addition to our usual beverage grade tubing, is also antimicrobial thanks to embedded silver. For more information see: The tubing we use

9. We're offering a filter combination with a small (low-voltage) germicidal UV lamp inside to keep your kitties' water cleaner even longer! Click to see: . Or

10. You place the germicidal UV lamp directly into your covered water bowl besides your normal filter system. It will keep the water fresh longer.

The bottom line is that our EBI pet drinking fountains are engineered for health, safety, durability and to be a beautiful addition to your home.

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Benefits of our fountains

Why a pet drinking fountain?

In nature, moving water is much fresher than stagnant water. The movement constantly breaks the surface tension and draws oxygen from the air into the water. This process, called aeration, makes water more appealing to drink. Pets may instinctively be drawn to moving water for this reason.

Research shows that one of the best ways to improve your pet’s health is to get them to drink more water. That’s where a pet drinking fountain comes in: it satisfies your pets’ urge for running water and as a result, they drink more.

Why an Ebi Fountain?

Features you won't find anywhere else:

Your custom Ebi Fountain can be dismantle-proof: we can "batten down" the lid and secure other components so even the smartest "fountain disassembler" has meet his/her match. We offer designs to eliminate "pawing" water out onto the floor. We can size your fountain to accommodate any breed, from the tiniest Munchkin to the largest Savannah. We offer fountains that are usable in a moving RV, equipped with battery, battery backup or auto-refill system. There are especially quiet fountains available for skittish cats, cat spouts that have the coloring of their Siamese or Bengal owners, fountains custom fit to any space, give us a challenge and we will meet it!

The advantages of ceramics:

Each of our ceramic fountains is lovingly hand built in a multi-step process culminating in the high fire at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit; the result is an extremely durable, nonporous stoneware that is waterproof even without glaze. It not only resists the bacterial growth commonly found on porous plastic surfaces but also keeps water cooler thanks to its thermal mass.

You can choose the shape, size, spout and colors (40 different glazes and combinations thereof) of your custom made Ebi Fountain. For information on how to order, click here.

 Safe materials:

 Our clay and glazes are certified food/dinnerware safe, so guaranteed free of lead and other toxic substances. Material Data Safety Sheets are available. We use FDA compliant beverage grade tubing. Our filter housings are made from the same type of PVC pipe that brings water to your kitchen sink. Even cats allergic to plastic have healed from their symptoms after switching to an Ebi Fountain.

 The pumps we use are safe for the most sensitive aquarium fish and are powered by a transformer that converts the 110 volts of your outlet (or 220 to 240V, as the case may be) into a safe low voltage. This means that only about the power of two to four AA batteries is traveling along the cord to your pump – a voltage much too low to hurt your pet even if he/she were to chew through the cord.

left picture: bowls, from an 8 inch (bowl height) XXL to a 5 inch small and right picture: Lids from small to XXL

We make our fountains in 5 different sizes, depending on the number and size of your pets.
Small: These fountains are approx. up to 8 inches in diameter. They hold approx. 0.5 to 0.7 gallon of water and are good for up to two cats or small dogs.
Middle: These fountains are up to 10 inches in diameter and hold approx. 1 gallon  of water. If you have more cats or a medium sized dog, then this fountain size will be good.
Large: These fountains are up to 11 inches in diameter. They hold approx. 1.5 gallon of water and are good for a flock of pets.
XL: These fountains are up to 12 inches in diameter. They hold approx. 2 gallon of water.
XXL: These fountains are up to 13 inches in diameter. They hold approx. 2.5 gallon of water.
Be aware that the amount of water a fountain can hold depends on the height of the bowl.

 Superior design:

 An Ebi Fountain consists of four primary parts: a bowl that can be dimensioned to hold 0.6 to 2.5 gallons of water, with a pump and filter inside (hidden and inaccessible to your pet), covered by a “drinking lid”.   

 The bowl’s wide floor area relative to its height and its “floor centered” weight makes the fountain tip safe.  Because of the bowl’s thermal mass and its lid, the stored water is kept dark and cool inside, mitigating the algae growth commonly associated with other fountains.    

 The “drinking lid” can be ordered with your choice of spouts; from a simple bubbler, flower or shell, to a whimsical frog, lizard or even a model of your pet with his/her characteristic coloring. This, or a flower cascade, for example, transforms your fountain into a work of functional art.

 The filtered water spills into the drinking lid by way of this spout, providing a consistent drinking water level. Sometimes the spout itself can provide additional levels for drinking; for example the high flower or a flower cascade enables elderly, rheumatic pets to drink comfortably without any bending.  

 The “back flow” area of the lid allows the water to flow back into the water reservoir below after passing through a stainless steel mesh pre-filter to catch hair, food and other debris.

 Once back inside the bowl, the water goes through a second stage of filtering before being pumped back up into the drinking lid. This granulated carbon filter removes fine particles, bad taste and odor; we offer several options to choose from, including housings to accommodate standard replacement filters from Drinkwell, the Forever Filter or our own Ebi’s Bio Filter, a refillable filter accepting course aquarium carbon.

 Superior components:

 The energy a “powerful” pump uses also heats the water, especially if it is pressing it through a small filter (it’s a physical law and you can feel it if you put your hand at the nozzle of the pump when you fill up your bicycle tire.) That’s why we use relatively large inline filters and highly efficient, low-voltage DC pumps. These pumps bring the additional advantage that they are ultra-quiet and can be powered by battery, solar, or any low-voltage power source (e.g. your RV’s cigarette lighter or a USB adapter.)

Easy cleaning:

 Here the “insides” of what you would be cleaning if your fountain has a Bio, Forever or Drinkwell 360 filter (the housing will look slightly different in each case, but they all sit between pump and spout, and filter the water going up into the spout.)

 The first photo shows a fountain with round filter housing.

 Wash the ceramics and opened, emptied white PVC filter housing with mild soap and hot water and use vinegar to disinfect; these parts are also dishwasher safe (although caution should be taken that nothing “clanks” against the ceramics, of course.) For pump cleaning instructions, click here. The tubing can also be washed with mild soap and hot water, but because of the difficulty in cleaning the inside, many people choose to simply replace them regularly. The FDA compliant beverage grade tubing that we use is available online. (Google search for: 3/8 od clear vinyl beverage tubing Samar 7003p.)

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