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Energize your water according to Viktor Schauberger

cone fountain with a cascading water stream
 When judging water quality, it is not only important to make sure there are sufficient biologically important minerals, the water's energetic state should also be considered, according to the “water wizard” Viktor Schauberger.

 Schauberger (June 30, 1885 - September 25, 1958), born in Austria of a long line of foresters, had the very great gift of accurate and intuitive observation, such that he was able to perceive the natural energies and other phenomena occurring in nature. Schauberger observed the whirling motion of water in streams and rivers which meander and flow in a natural way, factors which are responsible for its buoyancy and self-cleaning abilities. He also recognized the importance of the vortex movement for the life-energetic properties of water. By going through a vortex, the water is directed into a spin and thus regains the original spiral movement we can observe in natural creeks and rivers.

 In 1952, at the Stuttgart University of Technology, West Germany, these theories were tested under strict scientific and laboratory conditions by Professor Dr. Ing. Franz Pöpel, a hydraulics specialist. These tests showed that, when water is allowed to flow in its naturally ordained manner, it actually generates certain energies.

vortex in water line to the spout  Our fountains are designed based on these theories. The pump’s clockwise spin is compensated by the counterclockwise flow in the fountain’s lid.

 In response to our customers’ wishes, we’ve gone even further and created a copper vortex that can be inserted into the tube connecting the filter housing to the spout. The water spins around its own axis, in the manner Schauberger used to energize and revitalize water. The cascade fountain shown here mimic the turns and falls of a mountain stream: the water flows through the vortex, spills out of the frog's mouth, cascades clockwise down 3 flowers, makes a counterclockwise turn into a flat bowl and from there falls back into the cone, where the filtering and energizing cycle begins anew.
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