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Batteries for the EBI cordless pet drinking fountain

All of our water fountains for cats and dogs can be powered by battery or a low voltage power adapter. We've offered battery pet fountains for over 10 years. You can battery power your pet fountain or plug it into a nearby outlet; it's up to you. The pumps we use are special low power consumption DC pumps, known for their performance and reliability; they run a long time before it's necessary to recharge/exchange batteries. 

The battery can be placed:

- inside a cordless fountain (so no cable is showing outside the fountain),

- inside a detached ceramic battery compartment standing directly behind your "regular" round Ebi pet drinking fountain,

- or outside any of our fountains instead of a power transformer (then you’ll have an external box with low voltage cables leading to the fountain).

 You can choose between a D-cell box/holder or a rechargeable Li-Ion USB battery (power pack). Always keep your battery dry!

This is how long our pump runs with different battery options:

Battery-Type number Type run time rechargeable?
AA-Cell 4 NiMH/NiCd 5 hours yes
AA-Cell 3 to 4 alkaline 30 hours no
D-Cell 4x10.000mAh NiMH up to 3 days yes
D-Cell 4 or 8 alkaline up to 12 days no
Li-Ion USB 5 Volt Li-Ion up to 16 days

The D-cell battery holder:

The D-cell battery pack (3 or 4 D-cells, depending on the water pressure you prefer) will keep the fountain running for approx. 140+ hours depending on the quality of the batteries used. Rechargeable 10.000mAh NiMH professional D-cells last approx. 3 to 4 days on one charge.
   pet fountain with internal USB battery
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Li-Ion/polymer (USB) battery:

Our pumps can be powered by any kind of battery in the range of 4 to 6 volt. A Li-Ion-USB battery provides 5 volt. The battery is connected via a USB adapter to your fountain pump. With this adapter you can connect the pump to any USB power supply (eg. USB charger, USB charger battery, computer, USB battery backup, USB power pack etc.). We supply the adapter but we do not supply any batteries.

Sample USB battery backup  Fountain with USB battery  cordless square pet drinking fountain with internal Li-Ion-USB battery cordless round pet drinking fountain with internal Li-Ion-USB battery

A portable USB battery/USB power pack (usually used to recharge your cell phone when you are off grid) can be used to power the fountain pump. They are lightweight and have a large capacity. Be sure to pack the battery into a quality Ziploc-type bag since these batteries should not under any circumstances get wet.


We do not recommend any specific battery or brand, but we’ve tested several different USB batteries (see table below.) The Anker is supposed to be the best quality with regard to lifespan, but we didn’t get any significantly better run time with it than the others. The RavPower RP-PB41 has the longest run time as a single battery but can not be used as a tandem battery (two batteries parallel) since the RavPower RP-PB41 doesn't take over automatically. If you’re already using a USB battery to recharge your mobile phone or tablet, we recommend you try it for this application before buying anything new.


These tests were run in 2016/2017. Since then models have changed, been discontinued and hundreds of new models have come on the market.

type capacity continuous
runtime with
pump model
Seller remarks
Powernews Solar Charger 300,000 mAh 1.5 days  Ebay  
AIBOCN WX010 10,000 mAh 2 days  Amazon  side USB connector
Move Power Solar Charger 20,000 mAh 2.3 days  Ebay  
Propel 51107 13,000 mAh 3 days  All-Battery.com  
SA01300 50,000 mAh 3 days  AliExpress  
Anker Powercore 13000 13,000 mAh 3.5 days  Amazon  
RavPower RP-PB19 16,750 mAh 3.7 days  Amazon  
GJT  G-088 20,000 mAh 4 days  Amazon  
Anker Astro E7 25,600 mAh 4.5 days  Amazon  
iMuto X4 (*1) 20,000 mAh 5 days  Amazon  new generation models switch off
 after 45 seconds (status 4/2017)
RavPower RP-PB41 26,800 mAh 5.5 days  Amazon  
RavPower RP-PB64 32,000 mAh 8 days  Amazon new test in 2021

Continuous run times with pump model JT-180 are approx. 20% shorter.


Battery combinations (with double USB adapter or Pass Through *2):

Battery 1
(starting battery)
Battery 2 (needs to take
over when battery 1 is empty)
runtime with
pump model
Anker Astro E7 RavPower RP-PB41 26,800 mAh - Rav doesn't switch on automatically
iMuto X4 (*1) RavPower RP-PB41 26,800 mAh - Rav doesn't switch on automatically
RavPower RP-PB41 26,800 mAh Powernews Solar Charger 7 days Powernews switches on automatically
Anker Powercore 13000 RavPower RP-PB19 7.3 days RavPower switches on automatically
Anker Astro E7 GJT  G-088 8 days GJT switches on automatically
RavPower RP-PB19 iMuto X4 (*1) 8.5 days See (*1) below
Anker Astro E7 iMuto X4 (*1) 9.5 days See (*1) below
Anker Astro E7 RavPower RP-PB64 12.5 days in parallel mode
RavPower RP-PB41 RavPower RP-PB64 13.5 days in pass through charging mode (*2)
RavPower RP-PB64 RavPower RP-PB64 16 days in parallel mode

(*1) iMuto X4 or X6 new generation models don't work anymore; they switch off after 45 seconds (status 4/2017).

(*2) Pass Through Charging (with RavPower as "pump-battery" only) can work for extending the continuous runtime (see below).


Batteries with problems:

type capacity continuous
Seller remarks
iMuto X4, 2017 model 20,000 mAh -  Amazon is turning off
iMuto X6 30,000 mAh -  Amazon is turning off
ZILU 16,800mAh -  Amazon is turning off
CBD  LA801 50,000 mAh 4.5 days  Newegg some models keep turning off
18650 Power bank 50,000 mAh -  AliExpress is turning off


As the table shows, these will need to be recharged approx. every 3 to 8 days. We suggest ordering 2 batteries, so that one can be in use while the other is charging. We have constructed a “double adapter cable” that allows 2 batteries to power the fountain in tandem – this will give you double the run time before having to recharge, but you’ll need a total of 4 batteries.


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Parallel Mode

In parallel mode, two batteries are switched together running one and the same pump. The battery with the slightly higher output starts powering the pump whilst the other battery waits in stand-by until the first battery runs out of power. Then this battery starts powering the pump. You would get 16 days of continuous runtime with two RavPower RP-PB64. But the fountain needs to be build especially for these big batteries since they don't fit in standard battery compartment.

Here in this example Anker Astro E7 and RavPower RP-PB64 in parallel mode for 12.5 days continuous runtime.

Pass Through Charging

In essence, pass through charging involves being able to connect your power bank to a wall charger or another power bank and, whilst the power bank runs your pump, your device charges at the same time. But this works only if the "charging" battery automatically switches on when the "pump-battery" runs out of power. Unfortunately not every battery can do this. Usually you have to start the charging battery manually when the "pump-battery" is nearly out of power.  So it's good to have the bigger battery powering the pump while the smaller battery is in stand-by for charging the "pump-battery" to extend the overall runtime.
Pass through charging is a wonderful technology that enables you to make your power go further. But not every brand and model can do it.

Here with two RavPower batteries: model RP-PB64 and model RP-PB41 for approx. 12 days of runtime.

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Which RAVPower Models are Recommended for Pass Through Charging?

Whilst RavPower has a number of models we can recommend, here are the top three picks for pass through charging power banks . They’re all incredibly powerful and should be capable of seeing you through you pass through charging needs.

RP-PB159 20100mAh PD 3.0 45W Power Bank

This incredible charger is packed with all the latest tech needed. 45W of pure power couples with 20100mAh for a stupendous battery capacity and delivery. What’s more, Power Delivery enables fast charging.

Learn more here!

RP-PB058 26800mAh PD Power Bank

Once again featuring Power Delivery technology, this charger packs a punch. It has a whopping 26800mAh and up to 30W. The advanced iSmart technology keeps you protected from overcharging, short-circuiting, and a host of other potential downfalls that regular power banks face.

Check it out at Amazon!

RP-PB064 32000mAh Power Bank USB Battery Pack

Gigantic Capacity: 32000mAh internal battery capacity provides up a week of power. Its amazing what devices with pass through charging are capable of! We're testing this battery at the moment.

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So how should you handle your batteries?

There is some very solid, consistent advice about getting the most out of your batteries:

1. Be prepared to replace them, eventually. Rechargeable batteries don’t last forever, and through time and use they will stop working. Thank them for saving you money, recycle them, and move on.

2. Buy a good charger. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the best charger available, but make sure you get a “smart” charger, one that electronically monitors the recharge process and prevents overcharging. Not only is it better for the batteries, it will use less power than cheap chargers, which often rely on a simple timer mechanism.

3. Remove the batteries when the recharge is complete. Unnecessary time on the charger means more “trickle” power is used to keep them charged—so more wear and tear and more wasted power.

4. Store your batteries fully loaded (never empty!) at room temperature in a dry location. Excessive heat can definitely damage your batteries and cause them to lose charge faster.

5. Every battery should be protected from water, but Li-Ion batteries (USBs) are particularly sensitive to water damage because they have electronics inside. We craft our internal battery compartments to keep the batteries dry but there is always the possibility of condensation forming, so it is imperative that the battery(ies) be enclosed in a high quality water tight Ziploc-type bag before putting them inside the compartment. And of course, if your cat has the propensity to play in the water, external batteries need to be protected as well. You have about 7 feet of cord available, so put them in a higher place, a nearby drawer or a waterproof container.

6. It's important to follow the safety guidelines that accompany your batteries!

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The D-cell battery box or holder:

The D-cell battery pack (3 or 4 D-cells, depending on the water pressure you prefer) will keep the fountain running for 140 hours. Rechargeable 10.000mAh NiMH professional D-cells last approx. 3 to 4 days on one charge.
D-cell battery pack for Ebi-fountains   pet fountain with internal USB battery

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