Ebi Ceramic Cat and Dog Drinking Fountains

Battery, Power-Cord or Gravity Operated, Safe, Quiet, Dismantle- & Scoop-Proof, Slow-Drinking. Handcrafted in the USA for The Quality & Aesthetics You Want, The Safety & Health-Promoting Features Your Pet Deserves

Some of the pet drinking fountains with a automatic refill system I've made

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large w/ auto refill
 drink-h=8.5"(22cm), d=9.5"(24cm), h=13.4"(34cm)
13 lb (5.9kg)
11 inch square w/ auto-refill and deeper dog lid
 drink-h=8.5"(22cm), d=13.5"(34cm), h=12.5"(32cm)
holds 3.25 gal, 415 oz, 52 cups, 12 liter


You can find my Ceramic Art table-top, wall or garden fountains at "http://www.just-add-water.us"