Ebi Ceramic Cat and Dog Drinking Fountains

Battery, Power-Cord or Gravity Operated, Safe, Quiet, Dismantle- & Scoop-Proof, Slow-Drinking. Handcrafted in the USA for The Quality & Aesthetics You Want, The Safety & Health-Promoting Features Your Pet Deserves

Consumer Product Safety

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The vinyl PVC tubing we use:

The non-antimicrobial formulation made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards:

Samar’s versatile Clear Vinyl Tubing can be used for beverage dispensing, potable water, laboratory tubing, and numerous low pressure applications.
It is light weight, yet tough and abrasion resistant.
The CVT’s PVC compound is in compliance with FDA CFR TITLE 21 requirements, and meets USDA, 3A, and NSF51 criteria.

Samar Company is a manufacturer of hose, plastic tubing, rubber sheets, tubing displays, washing machine hose assemblies, and industrial products. Our home office, from its inception in 1974, is located in Stoughton, Massachusetts, where we produce millions of feet of hose in a wide variety of sizes and products in our factory. We have multiple patents and trademarks that have increased our sales and versatility. The core principle of our business will never change, that you, our customer, will always be the most important factor.

The antimicrobial formulation:


CLEARFLO Ag-47 is suitable for a wide variety of food contact applications and designed to protect your food or beverage product from harmful bacteria. It's manufactured from a clear flexible Shore A74 non-phthalate PVC compound with the addition of antimicrobial protection. The antimicrobial technology is especially effective where there is infrequent use of fluids in warm or humid conditions and the tubing has no opportunity to dry thoroughly between uses.
The antimicrobial properties protect the tubing against organisms that can cause growth-based discoloration and odors. Testing has proven that the active ingredients neutralize bacteria rapidly, and because the ingredients do not dissipate with use, they can be expected to offer protection for an extended time under normal conditions. CLEARFLO Ag-47 offers antibacterial performance to ISO 22196:2011.
Unlike some products CLEARFLO Ag-47 is 100% protected with the effective additive, which is present throughout the tube and not only on the interior, offering you protection on all surfaces. This is especially important in applications where the tubing is dipped into a fluid.
The active ingredients in CLEARFLO Ag-47 will have no detrimental effect on the taste or flavor of products passed through it.
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The clay we use:

certified non toxic symbol
Laguna Brand Clay Body
WC‑401, B‑Mix 5 Clay
Certified Nontoxic,
Conforms to ASTM C-1023/D-4236
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The glazes we use:

We use ACMI certified non toxic dinnerware safe glazes.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a glaze deals with their use of utilitarian or serving pieces. In our industry, several words are used to describe the level of potential hazard that a glaze poses to a customer. Some words are used to describe the product in the liquid state and others are used to describe the finished glaze surface after firing. To determine the toxicity of a glaze in its liquid state, formulas are submitted to an independently licensed toxicologist who examines each glaze formula and determines whether the product can be labeled as non-toxic or whether it requires a health caution label. To determine dinnerware safe, a second set of tests are required. Samples of the glaze in its fired form are tested by an independent laboratory facility for leachability of lead and cadmium. If the surface passes the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), then it may be used on food contact areas and can be labeled as dinnerware safe. 

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